Raw Woman Breakfast

Raw Woman Breakfast (9:05), performed November 2019

Created by Grace Yi-Li Tong

Performed by Sydney Chow, Sunhi Willa Keller, Rachel Ha-Eun Lee, Lo Marquis, Hiroka Nagai, Garet Wierdsma, Jordan Wynn, and Zipporah Wilson.

Raw Woman Breakfast was originally performed in November 2019, though was also reworked as Raw Woman Breakfast II, a video project for WADEintoACTIVISM’s virtual festival against gender-based violence in December 2020.

Raw Woman Breakfast is a record of unwritten stories of womanhood, inspired by caricatures representing “women” in Paul Scheerbart’s written pantomime: “Dance of the Comets”.

Click to watch a trailer for Raw Woman Breakfast below*.*

Subsequently*,* the film *Raw Woman Breakfast II* was conceived in November 2020 to be shown at WADEintoActivism’s virtual 10-day festival against gender-based violence in December 2020. The full version of *Raw Woman Breakfast II* can be viewed below,