Garden Tongues

Garden Tongues (work-in-progress)

Performed at NYU Tisch Dance, The Second Avenue Dance Company’s Senior Retrospective Concert, The Craft: Governors Island, and Battery Dance Festival (upcoming, August 2021).

Created by Grace Yi-Li Tong in collaboration with the performers

Performed by Sydney Shu-Yu Chow, Rachel Ha-Eun Lee, and Grace Yi-Li Tong

A current work-in-progress, Garden Tongues is an aspiring experimental performance installation. The first iteration of Garden Tongues was performed in December 2020; a final production of Garden Tongues will be performed in late 2021, as an interactive installation.

Garden Tongues is an interdisciplinary, spiteful description of tastes: the bitterness of exotification, the saltiness of my grandmother’s kitchen, and the sweetness of collective strength. Three performers tell their own stories through movement, voice, comedy, and being. Parodying the hyper-simplified “(East) Asian-American experience” represented in the media, anti-Asian racism, and the fetishization of the Asian woman, Garden Tongues re-appropriates an identity historically written by a white, patriarchal system.

Donations for the Garden Tongues production can be made to @gracetong on Venmo. All proceeds with the caption “Garden Tongues” will directly fund the production.

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