Most recently at NYU Tisch Dance, Grace has performed in over sixteen works, including those choreographed by Jose Límon, Allyson Green, and other student choreographers. Prior to her NYU experience, Grace has also performed work by Ihsan Rustem, Donald McKayle, Bob Fosse, Wade Madsen, and Jose Límon.

Grace has also performed both classical and contemporary works with Cornish College of the Arts Preparatory Dance Company, at the Moore Theater in Seattle for STG’s Dance This, and with various summer programs such as BODYTRAFFIC, Northwest Dance Project, LINES Ballet, and Perry Mansfield
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November 2020
Grace Tong and Rachel Lee in O choreographed by Annie Marie Robson Smock; photo by Christopher Woodyard
November 2020
Grace Tong and Elliana Lynch Daniels in Butt Wait! choreographed by Sunhi Keller; photo by Christopher Woodyard
May 2019
Grace Tong, Morgan Burns, and Isabelle Dayton in JelLyvIsOn TelEbeAn choreographed by Morgan Burns and Israel Harris
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