Grace is an expansive, statuesque, and welcoming mover. Her performance often incorporates elements of her classical, contemporary, and improvisational trainings, and is invigorated by her lithe personal humor. Recently her focus has shifted from classical performance to post-modern dance, installation, and contemporary dance-theater. She toys with bold characters and the abstract body with great joy whilst onstage.  

Grace has performed in works choreographed by Shamel Pitts, Chuck Wilt/UNA Productions, Patricia Hoffbauer, Jose Límon, Allyson Green, Ihsan Rustem, Bob Fosse, Donald Mckayle, other student choreographers, and herself.
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October 2020
Grace Tong in Ebb by UNA Productions, premiered October 2020; photo by Ella Bromblin.
November 2019
Grace Tong and Elliana Lynch Daniels in Butt Wait! choreographed by Sunhi Keller; photo by Christopher Woodyard
May 2019
Grace Tong, Morgan Burns, and Isabelle Dayton in JelLyvIsOn TelEbeAn choreographed by Morgan Burns and Israel Harris
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