Grace describes her choreography as “movement collage”. In most processes, choreographic material is sampled from performers’ everyday lives and is used to construct a collective world during performance. Performers’ honest identities and experiences inform the final product in every work. Absurdity and humor are byproducts of decontextualized movement and Grace’s innate sense of fun.

Words sometimes used to describe Grace’s choreographic work include: “unexpected”, “thoughtful”, “great!”, and “a little weird”.

Grace’s work has been shown at the Jack Crystal Theater in New York, NY, Kerry Hall in Seattle, WA, and most recently online as a weekly winner of New York Dance Project’s Quarantine Competition.

Still from Raw Woman Breakfast (2019) photo by Christopher Woodyard

Recent Work

Recent Choreographic Projects include: 
Do you think it’s an omen? (2020) in collaboration with Sunhi Keller;
MUNCH! BRUNCH! BUNCH! (2020) in collaboration with Hiroka Nagai and Alexsander Swader;
Raw Woman Breakfast (2019); 
The 7 Mysterious Holes (of the MemBrain) (2019)
Do you think it’s an omen? (May 2020)
Created in remote collaboration with Sunhi Keller, Do you think it’s an omen?  is both a live performance and a film project exploring “private” space and death.  
Raw Woman Breakfast (November 2019)
Raw Woman Breakfast is an exploration of unwritten stories of femininity, inspired by a lack of female voice in Paul Scheerbart’s written pantomime: “Dance of the Comets”.
The 7 Mysterious Holes (of the MemBrain) (May 2019)
Built as an exploration of maturation, The 7 Mysterious Holes (of the MemBrain)  is a playful narrative of collective growth. How is the contemporary experience formed? Onstage, performers explore imaginary settings: the family portrait, the playground, the public bathroom, etc. 
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