At the end of my first academic year at NYU, I reflect on all of my trials and tribulations. The highlight of the year’s end was surely my creation of the work The 7 Mysterious Holes (of the MemBrain), which premiered in May 2019.

I also have enjoyed working on over 10 different new works by student choreographers, as well as Allyson Green (Dean of Tisch School of the Arts) and a re-staging of Jose Límon’s Chaconne.

Some video excerpts can be publicly viewed online, including:

Desideratum choreographed by Israel Harris, October 2018

Sunk in Sin choreographed by Samantha Chapa, October 2018

JelLyvIsiOn TelEbeAn choreographed by Israel Harris and Morgan Burns, May 2019

Additionally, I was elected as one of four class representatives for the BFA class of 2021.



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